Aragon launches How To Guides, Vocdoni shares summary of first referendum held by Spanish public institution, Multiple financial proposal up for vote
Aragon smart contracts secure the Lido protocol and Lido DAO.
DAO Experts weigh in on the next 10,000 DAOs, Vocdoni announces a partnership with FC Barcelona, CIPs 0-2 live in an Aragon Voice vote.
Decentralization timeline released, TAO voting functionalities discussed, and Charter Improvement Proposals ready for a vote.
Two forum posts on delegated voting, new Aragon smart contracts shared, ETH CC on the horizon.
8 July 2022: ZK Research breaks new ground, Joan Arús steps in as new Executive Director of the Aragon Association, ETH Barcelona booth coupled with How…
DAO Experts launches, ETH Barcelona booth planned for July 5-8, Twitter Spaces weekly AMAs gain traction
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